If there’s another life, I’ll be a sports star – MC Moskey


Fast-rising stand-up comedian and skit maker, MC Moskey, talks about his love for football, the Super Eagles, favourite football club and more in this interview with ABIODUN ADEWALE

Can you give us a lowdown into your background?

My name is Oluwaseun Akinbiyi, a lot of people know me as MC Moskey. I’m a stand-up comedian, MC and I can sing too. I was born into a family of entertainment. My dad, though a teacher, is also a musician. So, I started out singing and playing instruments with my dad’s band, before I eventually started comedy in 2009.

Which entertainers have had an influence on your career?

A lot of entertainers have influenced my career: MC Ajele, Arkbishop, MC Atol Atol of blessed memory, Seyilaw, Honeytongue, Doctor Smile. A whole lot of them.

Did you ever do sports in school or as a boy on the streets?

In school, entertainment took the whole of me so I could not do sports at all. But as a boy on the streets, I used to play football so well. I remember buying DVDs and watching skills from the likes of Nwankwo Kanu, Austin Okocha and Ronaldinho and performing them on the streets while playing.

Do you have any fond memories of watching sports as a child?

My dad made me love football, my mum was more into track and field, but my dad loved watching football. One fond memory was watching the Atlanta 96 Olympics, where Nigeria won gold. It was amazing.

With this kind of background, did you ever dream of becoming an athlete?

Yes, I dreamt of becoming a footballer. I used to play as either a holding midfielder or a playmaker when I played street football.

So, why did you give up on the dream?

Well, I grew up as a first child in a house of teachers. My father was very strict, especially with education. So, when I could not get admission into the university for some years after secondary school, he stopped me from playing football and that was how the ambition faded.

How much do you know about the Super Eagles?

I know a lot about them. I’ve been actively watching the national team since Tunisia ’94 Africa Cup of Nations.

Who’s your favourite Nigerian player of all time?

Easily Austin Jay-Jay Okocha. He was just a maestro and a joy to watch in his days. I loved his dribbles and his personality.

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Which football club do you support in Nigeria?

I support Enyimba FC. I actually started having interest in them when they won the CAF Champions League back-to-back. However, I’ve not had the opportunity to watch them live before. I hope to do so, someday when they play around here. I feel the Nigerian league just needs good funding and administration, we have what it takes to compete with the world.

Which of the European teams do you support?

I support Arsenal and I hope I will watch them live one day.

What do you admire about Arsenal?

I fell in love with the style of Arsenal. It’s not like the conventional English style, and I also admire the way they put so much confidence in youths. For a while we have had a bad run, but with the new signings and the new vigour in the team, I don’t see us finishing below Top 4.

Do you think Arsenal can win the title this season?

Anything is possible, if they can continue with their current form and without injuries, winning the league is possible.

Nigeria will not be at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. How does this make you feel?

Nigeria failing to qualify for the World Cup makes me feel bad and a little less interested in the World Cup. I really wish we could qualify.

Which country will you be backing to win the World Cup in Qatar?

I don’t know yet, maybe Brazil.

If you were to form a sports team with other celebrities, who are the ones you will pick as teammates?

That’s a tough one. Lots of celebrity players to pick from. I’ll pick Akpororo, he plays football regularly till date. I’ll pick Bovi and Basket Mouth, they are very intelligent. I’ll pick Seyilaw, she’s very sound too. I’ll pick Ajele He is very energetic. I’ll pick MC Rhelax, he plays well and I will definitely pick Alibaba as our coach.

If there was a next life, would you rather be a sport star or the entertainer that you are?

I definitely want to be a sports star. I want to taste that life. ,

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