Virginity till marriage is a mega deal


Dear ma,

I weep writing this because I know God is all out for me. This would be the first time I’m coming across your post and I’m broken already. It’s not easy staying chaste in today’s world. Is it the insults from one’s age mates and even juniors, the downgrading and gossip? I have lost many people I called friends because I’m a virgin. However, I don’t regret my decision. It’s just not every day virgins get the encouragement they need. I pray that every girl out there who’s getting discouraged comes across you or someone God sent like you so they don’t look back from putting their hands to the plow. God bless you so much for reaching out to my generation. I weep when I look at how much the devil has captured my gender but people like you make the devil weep and I pray that whenever we shall hear from you, it shall be good news always. Wherever the devil and his cohorts will mention your name and that of your family, may the Rock of Ages represent you. I pray that every of your work to depopulate hell will be successful in Jesus name. May you never work in vain in the name of Jesus and after all these, may you not be cast away. Amen.

Never relent ma and never get tired. Jesus will always meet you at the point of your needs and don’t worry when men are not available to help, He will send help to you. We love you ma and I will be praying my small prayer for you from my end.

Bethel Osemudiamen

Dear ma,

Thank you for raising more powerful women for God. Through your content, I have been inspired and it has helped my sexual purity journey. I am a testimony. Ever since I decided to remain chaste, my business has really been moving, I don’t struggle to get clients or make sales. God has been giving me direction concerning my life and I am closer to God now. I felt inner peace.

Though I am not in any intimate relationship, I have decided to love God, do His will, make more money and impact lives. I will be 24 in September, still a virgin and I am really proud of this sexual purity journey. I just want to encourage the younger women that sexual purity is the best decision they can ever make for themselves. Stay pure, serve God and pursue your goals. At the right time, the right man will come. Thank you so much ma. This is my testimony. Please, keep reminding us ma. We love you so much!

Mary Owolabi

Dear Mummy Temilolu,

I really want to appreciate God in your life ma. I want you to share my little testimony. I have learnt many things from your articles and I must say you are truly a mother. It’s good to stay loyal and faithful to God irrespective of the tribulations and persecutions around. God never fails. Never sleep on the bed of immorality as a young girl because the consequences are greater than its enjoyment. To the glory, grace and mercy of God, I will clock 22 on the 22nd of this month without having any boyfriend from the beginning and celebrating God’s faithfulness as a virgin. I will also be signing out of the university in a few months’ time and I never had any relationship in school throughout my five years on campus. Mummy, keep asking for more grace over my life as your teaching has moulded my life. May God increase your wisdom and understanding mummy.

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Opeyemi E.

Dear Mummy Temilolu,

I have abstained from sex for almost two years now. And I must confess these are the best years of my life. God gave me a man after his own heart that loves me unconditionally. We have dated for almost two years without him even asking to see any part of my body.  He supports me with his resources and loves me in ways I have never been loved all my life. God has blessed me in more ways than I can explain since I decided to keep myself.


My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

I thought to share a few of the messages in my box! Don’t let the world fool you, don’t let some finished people who love to wallow in darkness and great servitude because they can’t help it- who can’t imagine you not joining them in that abyss finish you! Yes! This may sound harsh but how else can you exemplify those who will attack posts on virginity/righteous living and outright mock virgins to their faces? How can you think anything good of giving up your peace of mind, your stand before God, opening up your life to demonic invasion by people you can wake up tomorrow and wish you never met when you stand the chance to having the world at your feet and commanding life to your wish? Haaaaa…..may we not be unfortunate! There’s so much more to come on this!

 To be continued

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