Are the wives aware?


One major conversation that couples should have when seeking to migrate for greener pastures is the possibility of returning home as a family someday and the options available to either party should the other renege on the agreements reached.

It doesn’t seem like women understand that the average man from this side of the world isn’t keen on finding himself anywhere outside his community or away from his people towards the twilight of his life.

What even seems to traumatise some of these men more is the absolute disinterest (in their roots) by most children raised overseas.

These days, some men are beginning to resort to what they see as option B to deepen their ancestral roots.

The crux of option B is that these men have young women they go into intimate relationships with for home-bred children!

Are wives aware of these disturbing realities?

Quite a number of men who are desperate for option B are also falling victim to lazy and gold-digging young women back home, who see them as an easy economic way out.

One of such men is currently going through a reality that he didn’t bargain for.

According to him, he met the lady on social media and struck an intimate relationship with her.

When he visited home, the lady picked him up from the airport and insisted he spend the night in her abode, instead of wasting money on hotel accommodation.

They had an intimate encounter while he was in her space and weeks after, she informed him that she was carrying his baby and insisted on keeping the baby.

Thus began his journey into extra financial responsibilities and another dimension of ‘women wahala’.

Right now, what was supposed to be ‘an understanding’ between two adults became a weapon of blackmail whenever her economic demands aren’t met.

It’s even claimed that two other men are also funding the lady over the same (male) child, whom they are all led to believe belongs to them.

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He said he always looks hard at the baby to convince himself he is truly the father because there’s no iota of physical resemblance between them.

This second story is also similar.

Our man believes that the desperation with which a young lady insisted on meeting him when he was in the country and the ‘I am pregnant’ that followed weeks later, led him to believe the whole thing was premeditated!

He also said that when he looked into her circle, it turned out that her best friend and chief adviser also has a child for an ‘old man’ who is based overseas.

He said his first shock was when the hospital expenses (of the childbirth) were a little short of N3.5m as he was informed it was a high-risk pregnancy!

When men are desperate, it is not rationality that accompanies most of their actions!

The pointless desperation with which men are going about these issues can only make them victims of greedy ladies.

 Why tarry in a marriage in which you are no longer on the same page with a spouse?

 Such a secret life has led to young people who didn’t know they were related getting intimately involved.

Your children deserve to know they have other siblings, at least!

No young lady who has an idea of what she’s doing becomes a baby mama to a man that she has no future with.

A lot of them are doing this for economic easy-life and God knows you will be discarded, once they sniff a better prospect.

One man said before he knew what hit him, the lady (who had two kids for him in Nigeria) announced that she had relocated to Canada and left the children in her people’s care; meaning that she had her plans all the while he thought he had option B back home!


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