Make this a summer holiday of fun memories


The long summer holiday is a great time to reconnect with family members, especially if some members of the family, like young adults, live away from home. The significance of a long holiday creates the opportunity for the children and families to have a well-deserved break and enhance their relationships. This is very important for families where children are away in boarding schools or when one parent is working in another state or country. However, the long holiday can also create a lot of pressure on parents if they do not plan ahead or if they are not prepared to take a different direction and look inwards rather than trying to overcompensate their children.

Collaboration can ease the pressure

Many families struggle due to lack of communication, which can lead to collaboration as a great way to ease the holiday pressure when you understand that you do not need to suffer alone. Children build great relationships in schools and this is a good time to use their skills to your advantage by working with other trusted parents if you struggle with childcare. They say ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’. Some families have more opportunities than others, such as extra nannies, bigger outdoor space or access to family clubs where children can play safely. Ask other parents if you can share these privileges with them if they live locally and work out the modalities and remuneration with them for your joint convenience.

Go back to their roots

The long holiday was a period many parents went back to their own roots back in the day when going to the village to see grandparents was part of many family values. That is unlike today when some children have little or no relationship with their grannies. If you are lucky to have them around, try and plan a trip and take your children away on a memorable visit to these elderly family members. Children are more curious today and will have a lot to ask and share with them. The time spent with grandparents and words of wisdom can build strong connections and appreciation of family, knowing that they are loved not just by their parents but by other family members too. On the other hand, you can bring the grannies to the city for a change of environment and to spend the holiday with your children.

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Create a balance at home

The truth is that children will appreciate the simplest things if parents appreciate them too. For example, the joy of staying longer in bed, going to bed late and absence of routine for a while is what many children look forward to and not necessarily expecting their parents to go the extra mile. If you are a parent and still wondering how to fill this summer holiday with fun for less in these challenging times, try and look inwards for creative ideas to give your children and young adults a memorable holiday without breaking the bank.

Making the extra sacrifice through the gift of time by taking the decision to work from home a few days a week or take turns as parents each week to take them to outdoor activities can help you maintain a family-work balance.

Happy Holiday! ,

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