Embrace the new chapter of your marriage


Marriage comes with its highs and lows and when you cast your mind back to where it all began, those memories may be vivid enough to bring back the happiness you once shared as a couple. Nobody has the manual for the perfect marriage and those whose marriages seem picture-perfect have only learned to master the skills of embracing the highs and the lows.  Successful marriages are established on basic principles and acts of fairness and equity, which are key to embracing a new chapter in your marriage.

Practise the act of fairness

Fairness is one of the most important attributes of a long-lasting marital relationship, which is uncommon in many marriages today. However, couples who have been able to master the act of fairness in their marriages are reaping its benefits and the peace of mind it encompasses. Fairness plays a massive role in communication. Even though you may not agree on everything, it is important that you respectfully listen to each other’s opinions and approach your disagreements in a sensitive and unbiased manner. Practising fairness also allows you to be more supportive, attentive and less critical of each other.

Appreciate your differences

Everyone has a right to their opinion and expression whether they are right or wrong; no one has the right to take that freedom away from them, the differences make life more versatile and interesting. When you are both too similar in nature, you can become too complacent and life can be too predictable, which means you can only fill certain gaps in your marriage. But when you incorporate your differences, you will be able to fill the missing gaps and become wiser and stronger together. When you both embrace your differences, you will be able to share your ideas and perspectives, which will enrich your lives and marriage in similar measures.

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Practise openness and eliminate fears

Openness is a great way to take ownership of your marriage; it is only when you both practise openness that you will be able to accept yourselves for who you are so that no one feels left behind in the marriage. Openness promotes trust and confidentiality and eliminates fear and uncertainty, which are detrimental to commitment, growth, happiness, and fulfillment in marriage. When you practise openness, it can break the barrier of secrecy in your marriage and facilitate progressive discussions and decisions. Openness will also make you take responsibility together and become honest and transparent about your objectives going forward.

Practise appreciation and boost your happiness

Appreciation in marriage is the finest method of showing love and respect and celebrating kindness, however small or large. When this is imbibed in your marriage, it can make giving and receiving love effortless. Everyone strives to be appreciated for their good deeds and when it is coming from a spouse, it is an act of fairness that shows that you value each other more now. From the little thank you notes, cards, or text messages to verbal expressions of gratitude, they can have a positive impact on your behaviour, boost your happiness, and build a greater connection that is needed to strengthen your friendship and marriage. ,

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